Our Governance

Always Working with Your Interests in Mind



When you talk with any of the Ortheia team you can rest assured that what you say will be kept confidential. We will not discuss any details until there is a full Non-Disclosure Agreement in place with all parties

Corporate Governance

We recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and observe the principals of the UK Corporate Governance Code appropriately for an enterprise of our size

Fee for Service

Ortheia's most popular service - our Pathways to Impact and Roadmapping Services - is normally run as a fee for service. Almost all the other types of service and access to JRI Orthopaedics' facilities can also be run on this basis

Equity Sharing

As part of Ortheia's agreements with JRI Orthopaedics, our start-ups benefit from full access to JRI Orthopaedics' facilities and professionals. This is done through equity sharing. You and your start-up can also join us on this basis. All our start-ups are SEIS and EIS compliant

Board and Board Committees

Ortheia's Board currently comprises three Executive Directors. A list of our Board Committees is available here