About Ortheia


From our origins of delivering new technologies for JRI Orthopaedics, Ortheia has now expanded to include working with others to help co-develop high-value new treatments for patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Our team is made of talented individuals with proven track records in the commercialising implantable musculoskeletal therapies

Through our deep understanding of orthopaedic conditions and technologies that can be used to treat them, we have developed tried-and-tested processes that take these promising treatments to market and into patients - doing so with the minimum of risk and the maximum chance of success

These novel technologies will benefit from Ortheia's knowledge and experience, from the earliest stages of development through to launch and exit 

Ortheia supports innovators in the musculoskeletal field. We currently work with lone inventors and academics as well as a wide range of commercial collaborators from micro SMEs to large industries

We will work with you either on an equity sharing basis or for a fee for service

Ortheia and JRI

Ortheia offers direct access to all the process and professionals within JRI, especially - regulatory (CE, FDA, CFDA etc.), implant and instrument design, manufacturing and initial market access. See Our Facilities page for more details

We offer an unparalleled opportunity to increase the chances of success in taking musculoskeletal technologies to market and through to licencing or exit

the relationships between JRI Orthopaedics, Ortheia and its start-ups
We are happy to support directly all the start-ups within Ortheia on their arduous journey to launch and beyond. A voyage we have made many times over the past four decades.
— Keith Jackson 2017, CEO, JRI Orthopaedics

About JRI Orthopaedics 

JRI is a privately owned British manufacturer of innovative and quality orthopaedic solutions for healthcare providers and patients worldwide. Operating from its factory in Sheffield, JRI manufactures and supplies products that provide the best solutions for joint replacement, repair and reconstruction allowing patients to have a better quality of life for longer

JRI is now part of AK Medical, China’s leading domestic joint replacement company and one of the world’s largest 3D-printed orthopaedic implant manufacturers.