Stage 3: Company Formation

Ortheia Business Model Stage 3

In Stage 3 we launch a viable market offering comprising a combination multiple complementary technologies. In Stage 3, the costs of development are going to escalate with first-in-human studies, manufacturing scale-up, regulatory submission and launch. Furthermore, by this time you will have reached the state-aid barrier, which closes the door to grant funding.

This is when the close relationship that you have though Ortheia to JRI Orthopaedics proves the most useful, as you can benefit for JRI Orthopaedics' tried and tested procedures and work with our networks of Key Clinical Opinion Leaders and Investors. 

By collaborating with... large medical device companies... smaller companies expand their market reach, [and] deal with regulatory challenges...
— KPMG, Collaboration: The Future of Innovation for the Medical Device Industry

An example of Stage 3: Company Formation is illustrated in the Case Study.

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