Roadmapping Workshop


Our Workshops

One of our key steps is a workshop that brings together all partners involved and interactively works through the development of the technology and its route to market. During this workshop we will expose and challenge the team’s assumptions and expectations and so create a shared vision of the technology and its complete pathway to its use in clinic.


Output: a tailor-made Development Plan for your Technology

From this we produce a customised development plan for the technology, even if it is at an early-stage of development. This gives the building blocks for a powerful business plan and will be invaluable to secure funding, whether it be through grants or external private investors. The development plan is to be reviewed and revised at regular intervals as the technology progresses.

Is it for you?

We have found our roadmapping exercise is of great value to anyone developing musculoskeletal technologies including: University academics and Technology Transfer Offices, commercial research establishment, start-ups and SMEs. Our Roadmapping workshops can also be incorporated in grant funded projects to define the Exploitation Plan or the Pathways to Impact Strategy.



I have worked on roadmaps before and - while useful as a means of thinking ahead - they often seemed highly speculative and I questioned their real value as strategic tools. Bringing my team together with Ortheia’s was a very different experience, not only did we take the time to really dig into each subject, the breadth of experience present provided very real insights into the path and investment needed to take a promising technology to the market.
— Paul Hatton, University of Sheffield

The workshop was a great communicative experience bringing together the thoughts of academics, and all involved to agree on the first embodiment of the technology taking account of the market drivers, as well as the economic environment and needs of the stakeholders.

The risks and mitigation measures, and ancillary opportunities for the future were all mapped out resulting in a detailed plan with a timeline of the steps and milestones towards realising our goals.

Having undertaken this workshop, we now have a realistic route towards commercialisation in which all involved can have confidence in its success.
— Wayne Austin, Ceramisys Ltd.

At the concept stage there are many uncertainties surround the commercial viability of a new medical device. Mistakes or foresight in the earlier phases of product development tend to be amplified over the course of a project. Therefore, having a rigorous approach and supporting tools to identify and filter a development portfolio at the early stages can be highly rewarding.

The JRI Orthopaedics Roadmapping Exercise provides a powerful analytical tool, leveraging decades of med-tech business and product development expertise. Applied in an inclusive environment, their Workshop aims to understand and accelerate delivery of the strategic vision, development processes, investment needs, risk/return analysis and ultimately a NPV (Net Present Value) of the new technology opportunity.

The model is built upon a simplified stage-gated framework from which the value of a new medical device can be extracted at its concept stage and is intended to complement existing proposals for the evaluation of the commercial headroom available to new medical products.
— Dr Mark Gostock, Senior Business Manager UCL Business PLC